Hosting for the Holidays: Tips & Recommendations for Straightforward Success

This time of year is known for hosting loved ones & friends, bringing everyone together in your home to celebrate Thanksgiving with joy & cheer. However, hosting festive gatherings includes cleaning, cleanup duties, & food preparation. Therefore, planning for before, during & post-party cleaning activities are essential for ensuring that everyone remembers your event with fondness!  

Gatherings are most wonderful this time of the year; Still, maintaining your sanity for hosting any event is equally important. After all, “Home- Sweet-Home,” is yours to share & enjoy always! Ask Cindy has learned that a simple checklist for to-do tasks of any kind structures and organizes the next steps with great accuracy. Creating a helpful list is a user-friendly reminder of essential duties before, during, & after when hosting at home.

So no worries, Ask Cindy shares the top three before, during & after recommendations that can support your well-being as you prepare to welcome guests into your home.

1. Preparation

Hire a house cleaning service – a two or three-person team covers a lot of ground. Cleanliness significantly elevates the home for hosting yourself and your guests! Additionally, cleanliness amplifies decorative style elements within a home as well.

2. Maintenance Support

Consider hiring a person or persons to support the in-house event. Delegate tasks from your checklist to support the event. Imagine being able to enjoy hosting this event with less stress.  

3. Once Your Visitors Have Come and Gone

The final cleanup tasks are ahead of you—be intentional in communicating quick, straightforward post-cleanup actions. Bringing in a cleaning service for a more thorough cleaning the morning after works nicely; Thus, you can exhale and relax once the event concludes. 

IMPORTANT Takeaways: Getting the Home Ready

  • Declutter rooms to be used for the hosting event (Start now).
  • Clean the front door & interior entry area, the bathrooms, the kitchen, and the floors (Two days before).
  • You can prepare the bedrooms for invited overnight guests (Start now).
  • Finally, the day before the event, you can do a visual check, ensuring that everything is ready & set to your liking. ✨

Maintenance Tips During the Event:

Hire a helper or a familiar private housekeeper for the following tasks

. Assisting with welcoming guests and accepting coats & hats, etc., for safekeeping & directing your guests to the designated gathering area.

. Kitchen support is critical for replenishing food trays & condiments, removing used glasses, dishes, & serving pieces from the table, etc., to the kitchen for cleanup. Additionally, ongoing cleanup support jumpstarts the return to your settled usual.

. Bathroom support: Sanitize and refresh the sinks & toilets, empty the garbage, and restock toiletries & toilet paper in the bathrooms during the event. 

Post-Cleanup Duties After a Memorable Gathering: Additional Supportive Hands are Beneficial!

1. Gather & organize dishes, glassware, serving pieces, eating & serving utensils, pots, and pans for washing & drying activity. If any of these items are dishwasher safe for cleaning & drying, make sure to load up accordingly. Huge time saver here!

2. General cleanup of the dining table(s), packing up leftover food & storing it accordingly, vacuuming floors to remove food & crumb droppings, emptying trash receptacles, quick cleanup of utilized bathroom(s), refilling soap dispenser(s), toilet paper, placing fresh hand towels. 

3. Finally, wiping up the kitchen counters and appliances is beneficial for putting the hosting work tasks for this event in your rearview mirror. Done, Exhale!

Be sure to stop by for recommended premium cleaning essentials for guaranteed cleaning outcomes that wow!

For your consideration, straightforward cleaning tips are worth sharing with friends & family. Thank you in advance for your support.

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy all, and God Bless! 🌟


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