Coronavirus Cleaning Tips

Ask Cindy recommends and uses EPA-approved products to clean and disinfect. “Clean is Clean, and it truly matters”

Present-day, due to the evolution of germs, we must sanitize and disinfect high touch items & surfaces regularly; this includes the exterior of delivered packages, the hard surfaces in our bathroom, and kitchen areas, and light switches, because they can harbor unhealthy microorganisms. During this moment in time, our health can become compromised dramatically. 

General wipe-up cleaning is about eliminating dirty and soiled circumstances; you can see these visual circumstances. But disinfecting is about killing virus germs and bacterial microorganisms. The naked eye cannot visually see these germ agents. Cleaning effectively matters more than ever!     

Lysol-Disinfecting Wipes is an essential germ eliminator in Ask Cindy’s tool kit. These pre-moistened towels disinfect and sanitize your home’s bathroom & kitchen countertops – doorknobs, light switches, cellphones, mailbox handles, delivered boxes, supermarket bags, reusable shopping bags, car interior handles and steering wheel, for example.

Quick Disinfecting Wipe-Up Before You Have Contact with High-Touch Items & Surfaces:

  • Pop up a single-use Lysol- Disinfecting Wipe towel (Kills 99.9% of Viruses & Bacteria) and wipe the surface or item. 
  • Allow the newly cleaned item or surface to dry independently for two minutes (Each product indicates its dwell time).
  • Discard single-use wipe immediately.  

If you need to wipe up a large area, regionalize the area to be cleaned into sections and clean in like manner, utilizing as many wipes as necessary. Also, wipe in one direction instead of back and forward, to avoid recontaminating a newly cleaned and disinfected area. 

Each single-use disinfecting wipe has completed its mission after each use! 

The Supreme Thorough Cleaning Process for Countertop Surfaces: 

  • Remove all items from the kitchen or bathroom countertops Note: Sealed nonporous stone surfaces, Marble, Granite, etc., are included for cleaning. 
  • Cleaning Task: Create a neutral soap and water solution (warm water & a few drops of liquid dish soap) to wash up and remove any food spills, crumbs, greasy residue, or soil of any kind from the counter surface. Use a 100% white cotton towel for this cleaning.
  • Dry your surface completely, using a new 100% white cotton towel. These reusable towels have completed their mission. Off to the laundry with this used towel!  
  • Important Disinfecting task: Using a Lysol-Disinfecting Wipe, wipe in one direction to disinfect and sanitize the countertop surface. 
  • Allow the wiped surface to air dry independently for two minutes (Each product indicates its dwell time). 
  • Wipe the clean surface with plain warm water, using a brand-new 100% white cotton towel.  
  • Last, dry the countertop surface completely using a different brand-new 100% cotton towel. 

I highly recommend using 100% white cotton cleaning towels for the wet and drying cleaning process, as described. Importantly, one can see the captured dirt and soil without competition from design patterns and colors. The 100% white cotton cleaning towels machine wash hygienically with laundry soap and disinfecting bleach. This disinfecting process is conducive for reusing these magnificent towels over and over again. The described how-tos will become effortless activities pretty quickly. Promise! 

Stay well, stay safe and remember to take action against unwanted germs! 

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