Ask Cindy How

"A clean home
can be a way of life"

Cindy Inman
Cindy Inman

Ask Cindy How is the theme that resonates with many people that have come in contact with Cindy Inman - "The Cleaning Diva!" Based on her many years of leading her cleaning crews out to some of the most prestigious homes in New York, Cindy has developed cleaning techniques that has made routine housecleaning practice out of some of the more challenging concerns. Her specialized techniques, coupled with her professional administrative background have brought about magnificent results where others pale in comparison.

Her attention to detail has earned her a name in the industry for introducing a boutique approach to cleaning. However, she is clear - everyone can achieve the same results that she has trained her teams to achieve. "It merely takes the know-how and the willingness."

Each person should be able to feel that when they enter their home they actually enter a haven - at least externally. What are the necessary ingredients that allow a home owner to have a haven?

Of course, you must know that a requirement that I will consistently present is cleanliness. The home must be pristinely clean. When you enter this home, you should be able to breathe and feel the clean. One would not see smudges around the light switches, or grease splatters on the kitchen stainless steel appliances, or dirt in the floor corners and edges, or dust accumulation on ceiling equipment. If any of this is present in your abode, it cannot be declared a haven. Through my "Ask Cindy" columns, I present my 40/40 vision through which I will guide you through great five star cleaning approaches and present some of my best cleaning tips and how to methods.

About the Company

Ask Cindy, Inc. is an outgrowth of many years of personal experience in the cleaning industry. This includes both commercial and residential. However, while I have had an extensive experience in the commercial industry, Ask Cindy, Inc. will evolve mostly around the residential world. Why? You may ask. Simply, house cleaning is my passion.

Ask Cindy, Inc. is a business that seeks to change lives through the world of clean. The company does do housekeeping service, but in addition it equips homeowners with the knowledge to do it themselves or to evaluate others that would provide the service. Through seminars, manuals and "how to cards", Ask Cindy How conveys information that empowers the homeowner and housekeeper. I say to my customers - "why not invite the surgeons in!!!"

I'm happy and proud to announce the launching of a new branding for my talent and expertise in the residential cleaning world. I have been involved in one way or the other with professional residential cleaning for in excess of 20 years.

As a result of my passion, I have come to a place where, I've successfully developed cleaning techniques that not only get the job done, but leave every home with sparkle as well. My team leaves the homeowner with a renewed sense of pride in their residence. Our motto is "If you love your home or office, we will help you love it more".