Ask Cindy How

Consulting Services

Cindy Inman aka Ask Cindy How can elevate your in-house cleaning program for accomplishing your desired cleaning outcomes:

  • Cindy makes an initial visit to discuss, and review the scope of required tasks
  • Cindy's 25 years of professional cleaning service delivery provides the basis to identify the pitfalls and issues confronting house cleaning success
  • Discuss and evaluate staff ratio to required tasks
  • Discuss and evaluate frequency for cleaning tasks
  • Identify and determine use & traffic patterns for interior space
  • Evaluate and select equipment and cleaning supplies that are appropriate for your home; defers with pets, children, allergies
  • Create and set-up cleaning stations to promote efficiency
  • Customize a work - flow analysis for the home

Our collaboration will introduce housekeeping 101, revealing the answers for you're sought after questions. My involvement with multi-faceted housekeeping experiences is invaluable. Absolutely - I have the answers because of my direct experiences with many home situations. Ask Cindy's how-to will enhance and renew any home. My determination is for each home to have a successful house cleaning blueprint. The home owner and the housekeeper will connect with the details of Ask Cindy's Housekeeping 101, which is presented in an easy manner.

Let's customize your house cleaning success together.

Cindy Inman