The Busy Kitchen In One’s Home

Looking into the kitchen, in most homes, this is a busy gathering point! This meet-up space will always draw an attentive crowd; the all-important cook, members of the household: advanced in years and eager young people, & visitors, will all assemble for the oh so yummy food-treats, beverages, and conversations. The possible aftermath left behind is varying grime, trash, and annoying smudges on surfaces, walls, decor items, and appliances after each gathering. Well, an outstanding quick wipe up will make a visible difference immediately following the closeout of kitchen activities. Here are the necessary quick steps before saying adieu! 

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ACH Kitchen Wipe Up Recipe – The Essential Ingredients: 

  • Water
  • Ivory-Neutral/Degreasing Dish Soap 
  • Ask Cindy’s White Terry Cloth Towel
  • Clorox or Lysol Pop-Up Disinfecting Wipes
  • Ask Cindy’s Microfiber Towels
  • A bucket 
  • Ask Cindy’s Wet & Dry Mopping System-w/reusable velcro attaching pads (Blue for wet mopping & Yellow for dry dusting). Easy! 

Stop, but, if you have a shedding pet, you must vacuum first! Why? If you clean first, the disturbed fly away pet hair will land on your newly cleaned surfaces, appliances, etc. The vacuum cleaner picks up pet hair & particles with one push/pull action at a time. 

Important Organizing Tip: 

Organize your cleaning supplies into a caddy – lay your mop stick & floor pads (Ask Cindy mopping system) away from the walkway areas; lay these items alongside a wall on the kitchen floor, in the corner. If you are vacuuming first, put your vacuum away upon completion. 

The Cleanup Process:

  • Fill the kitchen sink with lukewarm water: 1/4 full. 
  • Place three droplets (small amount!) of dish soap into the water (change out the water when it’s dirty/murky & recreate the soap to water ratios) 
  • Submerge a few white terry cloth towels into the soap & water solution. Wet them thoroughly and ring them all out, leaving them slightly wet & drip-free.
  • Using the microfiber dusting towel, wipe the counters and eat-in table to pick up minute & large particles.
  • Next, use the slightly wet cleaning towels to clean the following: countertops, refrigerator & dishwasher handles (if necessary), the related exteriors of these appliances, tabletop, and the chair-backs, wiping to remove fingerprints & adhered food matter. All of these are profoundly touched kitchen items. 
  • Using an unsoiled dry microfiber towel, dry the newly cleaned surfaces, appliances, etc. 
  • Using a pop-up sanitizing wipe: wipe your countertops to kill off bacteria and microorganisms; microbes that are unseen by the naked eye! Allow these newly sanitized items to air dry.
  • Lastly, (A) dry dust the floor surface to gather & pick up the dirt particles & discard this matter. (B) Using the bucket, add-in Lukewarm water (1/2 fill) – add two droplets of Ivory dish soap and submerge the blue mopping mop. Wet thoroughly & ring it out for a damp mopping (no dripping). Clean high trafficked & visibly soiled areas only (this is a quick wipe-up). 

Honorable Mention: The described Ivory dish soap and water mixture (using the same ratios), and using the wet & dry cleaning towels you can safely wet wipe to remove grease and soil. Dry the newly cleaned painted surface & its related knobs. You can also clean & degrease light fixtures, clean the interior & exterior of a microwave, and the interior of the refrigerator too. Safe cleaning is key!

The on-going use of your kitchen requires a quick wipe-up routine to support a wholesome environment in your cooking & eating space. Also, a team approach is always best 🙂 

I wish you numerous happy gatherings! – House Cleaning Insights – One Stop Shopping

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