My grandmother Sadie, who we called Me-Me, knew the art of wizardry for housecleaning finesse. Me-Me was the head housekeeper for a prominent New York family living on Central Park-West, in their five-story mansion. I remember the first time I went with her to work; I was a toddler — walked in the front door and saw a gleaming palatial staircase. It led to the floors upstairs that I imagined must have been up there pretty close to heaven itself. Of course, you could take the private elevator up into those celestial living areas, too.

Me-Me was a domestic goddess; I loved to watch her confidence and attentiveness as she went about her work. Whatever she touched with her cloth or her brush or her duster, her action changed the object’s appearance.

Being her first grandchild, I was honored with many trips to her place of work. She allowed me to make my way freely to the formal living room, scoot myself up onto one of the many silk sofas, fluff the skirt of my dress out just so and attentively observe my Me-Me. Her work effort exhibited mesmerizing achievement that amazed me.

My mom must have had a bit of that same cleaning magic within her as well. Although she worked full time as a dietician, she’d supplement her income by cleaning residences, bi-weekly.

At the ripe old age of nine, I took it upon myself one Saturday morning to clean our three-story home. Nobody told me to do it. Better yet, no one stopped me! I cleaned our house from then on. I was living my “clean is clean” life, serendipitously. I’d begun my war on dirt movement!

By the time I was fourteen, my parents had allowed me to clean an apartment owned by the aunt of a friend of mine every other weekend. I had more skillsets for house cleaning under my belt at fourteen to her liking than anyone she could find in Queens, NY.

I kept up my extracurricular cleaning activity throughout my high school and college years. Why? Because there was plenty of work for my developed skills, flexible scheduling, and I was passionately happy about doing this work.

After college, I continued to clean on weekends, even though I was working full time as the manager of a halfway house at a New York hospital.

After a couple of years, I took the mental dare to become an entrepreneur! Word spread fast, and I quickly became a small business.

I’m sure Me-Me is proud as she looks down from “Heaven” at her granddaughter Cindy Inman – aka – Ask Cindy How.

Your power to determine the right direction for your house cleaning tasks depends uniquely on modern day insights for compelling housecleaning outcomes!

A clean home does excite the senses!
Come on! It’ll be fun!

Ask Cindy How’s cleaning results have been celebrated by residential clients in the lavish homes of Greenwich, CT, and residences throughout the New York and New Jersey areas as well as by well- known commercial clients in the Manhattan television studios of Montel Williams, Carnie Wilson, Deborah Norville, Les Brown, Rolanda Watts, and Mark Walberg, the talk show host, among others. Seven towns in Westchester County, NY, carried my “Ask Cindy How” cleaning column and ultimately that column was picked up nationally in other towns.

The green light for Ask Cindy How housecleaning was turned on, and it’s been my pleasure to offer cleaning and maintenance seminars and instructional how-to training and to write columns, sharing my easy and effective cleaning techniques. I love applauding user-friendly cleaning helpmates and solutions that can be trusted for your housecleaning success.

Over the decades I have personally trained house cleaning staff to become first-rate cleaning professionals, and this collaborative mentoring process prepared them to pass the white glove test in their work assignments.

Yes, anyone can learn my proprietary techniques for housecleaning par excellence.

I’m presently dedicating Ask Cindy How to sharing my knowledge for best cleaning practices and to answering every “WHY?” Thus, I’m inviting each of you to adventure into the spotlight with me so that you can achieve your ideal cleaning scene. Accurately identifying current housecleaning conflicts in any home allows me to present the remedies for these undesirable appearances. Along the way, it will be my absolute pleasure to meet each of you, as well. Oh, yes, I do have an active personal life. I’m a wife, a mother, a sister, a grandmother, an auntie, a great aunt, and a godmother. I volunteer for community service projects, read, dance, listen to Motown, swim, watch dramatic movies and small screen series. I also like to cook…and to eat. I enjoy a good party and my husband and I love to entertain. I am a fun girl!

This is one of my most cherished guiding principles: “Partake without judgment.”