Cleaning and Disinfecting Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops

Cleaning and disinfecting touchable kitchen and bathroom countertops when doing housecleaning tasks is a healthy requirement. Especially now more than ever, during a modern-day pandemic. 

A few minutes every day, I’m cleaning & disinfecting high-touched countertop surfaces as complementary tasks. Why? – Your eyes cannot see the lurking and transferable microbes/germs on surfaces. Cleaning & disinfecting supports a healthy and touchable environment for the household. 

FYI: Cleaning versus disinfecting: Cleaning with soap and warm water removes the soil from a surface. Still, only designated EPA cleaning solutions will specifically target and kill lurking germs and bacteria that soap and water cannot destroy. More than ever, during a modern-day pandemic, we must clean and disinfect to eliminate these undesirable microbes from kitchen and bathroom countertop surfaces. 

Ask Cindy’s cleaning and disinfecting how-tos for clean and sanitized countertops is an essential recommendation to stop the spread/transference of germs during and after this global epidemic. 

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ACH Recipe for Countertop Cleaning: 

  1. Clean the exposed countertop surface with a soap and water solution (1/4 bucket of warm water, placing two droplets of clear dish soap into the water). 
  2. Using an appropriately measured white terry cloth cleaning towel, submerge it into the solution, wetting it thoroughly and wringing it firmly (no water should be dripping from the cloth). 
  3. Wipe to remove any embedded soil from the countertop surface. Repeat steps 2-3 if necessary or if the water becomes dirty, change it, and repeat steps 1-3. We want a soil-free countertop surface – then the surface is clean and ready for disinfecting. 

ACH Recipe for Countertop Disinfecting: 

  1. You can select from any of the disinfecting cleaning solutions advertised on my site. Please follow the directions on the product label for the product to water ratio to create the disinfecting solution. 
  2. Regionalize a large countertop surface into equal parts to be disinfected. To prevent reapplying germs to the surface. FYI: submerging the cleaning cloth into the cleaning solution often rinses out collected bacteria from your towel as you wipe. 
  3. Allow the newly wet surface to sit for at least five minutes before drying it with a new/ freshwater dampened cloth. Buff the freshly clean & disinfected countertop dry. 
  4. Done! 

P.S. I highly recommend using 100% white cotton cleaning towels for the wet and drying cleaning process, as described. Importantly, one can see the captured dirt and soil without competition from design patterns and colors. The 100% white cotton cleaning towels machine wash hygienically with laundry soap and disinfecting bleach. This disinfecting process is conducive for reusing these magnificent cloths over and over again. The described how-tos will become effortless activities pretty quickly. Promise! 

Stay well, stay safe, and remember to take action against unwanted germs! 

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