Eight Cleaning Mistakes That Are Making Your Home Dirtier

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You’re delegating cleaning tasks or feeling motivated, productive, and well-intended to clean the house. Great! Well-maybe not.

When done incorrectly, an activity of unsanitary microorganisms can remain behind on surfaces & items, making your home-sweet-home anything but.

Today, I’m highlighting eight significant snafus commonly made when cleaning any home.

Home Cleaning Mistakes

Don’t waste your time or energy cleaning your home incorrectly. Avoid these cleaning mistakes:

  1. Using the same cloth on too many surfaces/items- Even if you’re using a cleaning solution, your cloth or sponge hangs on to the grime and bacteria of the previous surface that was cleaned. Dedicate a cloth or sponge for like-minded surfaces within one room or risk spreading cross-contamination bathroom germs onto the kitchen surfaces/items – Yuk! 
  2. Not Disinfecting – While cleaning solutions help clean surfaces, you must finish the job with a disinfectant to seal the deal!
  3. Using Sponges – Sponges are known for absorbing germs. However, their ability to hold moisture makes them a hotbed for germs, especially after constant reusing. Consider switching out your sponges more often or use microfiber towels. These towels are machine washed to remove soil and germs altogether.
  4. Using a dirty Vacuum Cleaner – If you haven’t cleaned out your vacuum before using it, you’re just recycling dirt rather than your vacuum sucking up debris. You’ll want to check & empty your vacuum bag before or after each use. 
  5. Immediately Storing Your Toilet Bowl Brush without cleaning off gathered germ cells is a mistake leading to multiplying disease-producing microorganisms. Please make sure to disinfect & allow your dirty toilet brush to dry completely before restoring it. 
  6. Not Cleaning the Interior of the Washer Machine – Skin cells, mites, dirt, and grime tend to get caught in the drum of the washer, and with each wash that your machine goes untreated, your clothes collect those germs. You can use vinegar and baking soda mixture to clean your washer. 
  7. Not Using Proper Ventilation – When cleaning, opening doors and windows, even slightly, welcomes clean airflow and allows stagnant air to exit. Otherwise, you can risk breathing in irritating substances. 
  8. Not Disinfecting Your Kitchen Sink – This utilitarian vessel is not exclusive to dirty dishes, pots & pans. Additionally, other activities like hand washing may take place in this sink. Beware, microorganisms and a ton of dirty microbes are collected within. To completely clean & disinfect a sink, use baking soda before using a disinfecting solution. Baking soda will not dull sink surfaces. 
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Ask Cindy How: Avoid These Home Cleaning Mistakes

  • Avoiding the above Eight Cleaning Mistakes will take your home cleaning journeys from drab to clean house fab. You will feel & smell the difference in real-time. Indeed, this is a germ-free win for all homes.
  • Clean & disinfect cleaning sponges and cloths often during the cleaning process.
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Meet the Author: Cindy Inman, Founder & CEO

As a dedicated house cleaning expert, I’ve cataloged an extensive knowledge base for removing undesirable dirt and soil from household surfaces and objects. Equally important, establishing customized maintenance schedules for the newly cleaned surfaces and objects in the home is also an essential requirement.

Let’s clean the house together!

Cindy Inman


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