Seen & Unseen: Dust & Dirt Particles Captured Completely!

Chemical-Free Dusting w/Ask Cindy’s Dusting Cloth: Use to dust all smooth
surfaces, baseboards, decorative items, glass, blinds, lamp shades, wood
furnishings, & more.

(1) You will need a non-scratching Ask Cindy ultra-plush microfiber dusting cloth (as seen below): this dynamic cloth collects & holds onto dust/dirt particles until you wash them out. ZERO damage to any surface using this cloth.100% wash-out by hand or machine wash—machine or hang-dry. It’s a chemical free cloth, reusable, and exquisitely effective!

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(2) Furniture Polishing w/Ask Cindy: Guardsman Furniture Polish cleans moisturizes & renews dust-free sealed wood furnishings. Contains UV Protectors - is wax-free & its100% non-abrasive formula applies a stunning finish in real-time!

Dusting Steps Prior to Polishing:

1. Getting started, you will need a bare surface.
2. Using your Ask Cindy Microfiber Dusting Cloth, wipe to dust your sealed wood surface thoroughly & completely:
Ready to Polish:
3. Only once the item is dust free: Using a second clean dusting cloth: Spray on a generous amount of Guardsman Polish.
4. Polishing your dust-free wood furniture surface: wipe/rub the polish into the grain. Respray the cloth as necessary, you want to completely rub this polish into the wood grain.Done!